What Veterans Should Know About Social Security Disability Insurance

Americans who engage in military service can suffer from physical and mental side effects lasting a lifetime. These veterans who have become disabled may have the right to receive disability benefits in the Social Security Administration. Veterans who are already receiving VA benefits can potentially qualify for either Supplement Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). To be able to qualify for SSDI, a veteran has to meet the basic work history requirements and must have worked at least 5 from the last ten years. For SSI, a veteran must meet the asset and income limits established by the SSA.

Veterans that have a VA disability with all the U.S. Department of Veteran can possibly qualify for additional disability benefits from social security. Unfortunately, if your veteran is receiving a pension in the VA and doesn’t satisfy with the work history requirements, the veteran only qualifies for SSI and is no longer eligible for SSDI benefits. Recall it’s good to keep in mind that SSI is an income-based program and also a veteran with a pension may no longer qualify for additional disability benefits.

When Are Veterans Eligible for Social Security Disability?

You’re only eligible for disability benefits from Social Security (called Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI) in case you have worked full time at least five of the past ten years. If you wait too long after you quit working before you fill out an application for Social Security benefits, you may no more manage to receive them.

Often you are able to receive Social Security disability benefits to any disability compensation in addition the VA pays you. On the flip side, when you possess a VA pension, Social Security payments may set you above the income limitations of the system and disqualify you for your pension.

How are Social Security work credits managed for veterans?

If a veteran served in before their earnings or 2001 receive special credits of computing Social Security benefits for a purpose. Credits equal $300 for each quarter of active duty pay for individuals who served between 1977 and 1957. In the event, you served between 1978 and 2001 you receive credits equal to an added $100 in gains for each $300 you received in active duty pay ( complete credits may not exceed $1,200 a year). Beginning in 2002 credits are not supplemented.

For those veterans who served before the military was included below the Social Security system in 1957, Congress has provided credits for those on active duty from September 1940. These veterans are credited with $160 of earnings for purpose of computing Social Security benefits.

Imagine if I’d Bad Conduct Discharge or a Dishonorable?

Irrespective of what type of discharge you’d from the military, you may be eligible for Social Security disability insurance in case your disability keeps you from working. A dismissal that is negative doesn’t bar you.

Will I Mechanically Get Social Security Disability Since I Get VA Disability Compensation?

Many veterans think that qualifying for VA disability benefits makes them eligible for Social Security disability benefits. But, both applications define handicap quite differently and have different application procedures, so just since you get VA service -connected damages or VA pension does not mean you will be approved for Social Security disability. Having said that, Social Security must give some weight to a VA finding of disability. And when the VA has rated you 100% handicapped due to being unemployable or completely disabled, this should take a substantial quantity of weight with Social Security in its decision-making process.

The longer you serve, the more critical your retirement benefits.

Military retirement benefits apply to servicemen as well as women who spent at least 20 years in the military. The total amount of monthly retirement income that a veteran receives is predicated on greatest military wage and standing or years of service along with the person’s last.

Military retirement benefits might additionally function as a kind of life-insurance.

In the event of the death of a retired serviceman or woman who had been receiving military retirement benefits, a monthly annuity becomes accessible through the Survivor Benefit Plan into a living wife or widower, or the retiree’s child/children, or a former partner (with qualifying states), or a different designated beneficiary. That monthly annuity will probably be paid for the survivors’ life.

Social Security Application Assist

Veterans that are applying for Social Security Disability benefits might become might need help with their application and overwhelm from the process. Americans are permitted to make an experienced representative to represent them throughout the SSA’s handicap application procedure on their behalf. The issue is less than 20% of all applicants are now actually approved for benefits and the SSA wrongfully refuses capable applicants. Normally, denials happen when the applicant improperly filed an application, didn’t supply enough medical signs of the status, or is making too much in got and unearned income ( in case that it’s applicable).
Seasoned Disability Advocates or Attorneys have much greater acceptance rates with some upward as high as 70% (such as the Disability Care Center) at the first stage of the program process. Attorneys and advocates have in coping with the SSA expertise and understand what exactly what the SSA appears throughout the application form procedure. Should you would like assistance in filling out an application for Social Security Disability benefits, contact the Disability Care Center for help at (888)-504-0035.